Mazatlan plans to modify the Flower Market


The re-arrangement in the María del Carmen market would begin in 2020, and would include changueras and street vendors

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Next year we want to restructure the Mercado de las Flores, whose name is María del Carmen, in three sections, explained the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. 

The municipal president said that at one end of the property would be the flowers, and on the other the shrimp traders (popularly known as changueras). 
The latter asked not to be installed in the market.

The center of the property would be intended for restaurants and street vendors. 

The relocation of the changueras and the ambulantes would have to be voluntary, the mayor declared, and assured that he has met with five street vendors unions to reach an agreement and carry out a project for them.

Benitez Torres said that a commitment would be made with the tour operators of the boats to generate sales in the aforementioned market.

Rescue idea

The idea of ​​relocating street vendors was proposed by the administration of José Joel Bouciéguez Lizárraga. It was intended to enable 80 locations.

The objective of this project was to relocate 20 shrimp vendors, 17 florists and 40 merchants from the federal area. It was intended to start the remodeling at the beginning of 2018 and would be part of a tourist corridor. 

However, the street vendors refused to be relocated to the flower market and chose a second option on Avenida Del Mar, which the administration of Bouciéguez Lizárraga called “Malecón Market”. However, these projects were not carried out

Source: el debate

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