50/50 Mazatlan citizenship with equal marriage


* “We must respect the decision of each person” 
* “Normal and natural is a man with a woman”

After the news that the discussion of the equal marriage in the Congress of the State of Sinaloa will be opened again, people of religious groups have manifested themselves in the capital of the state against and they ask that the equal marriage not be approved.

The equal marriage had already been presented before the Sinaloa Congress but for different legislatures, the discussion has been postponed for possible approval.

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Sinaloa online came out to ask people whether or not they are in favor of legalizing equal marriage in Sinaloa.

“We must respect the decision of each person” “I am in favor” “If there is love to do so” were some of the expressions of people who were in favor of equal marriage; Some people gave a resounding “no” because according to the Bible and God the normal and natural is man with woman, but when asked about whether a relative, daughter, son or brother will make the decision to marry someone of the same sex, surprised they responded that they would support him because they are family regardless of their sexual orientations. 

And you are in favor or against equal marriage?

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