Isla de la Piedra in need of a fire station


In case of a fire, the firemen of Villa Union are those that go to the call

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A fire station is required on the Island of La Piedra, as reported by the trustee Víctor Manuel Aguirre Peña.

This was announced after the fire of a house in that town.

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The trustee mentioned that on several occasions there have been mishaps that have to do with fire in that community but are supported by the firefighters of Villa Union, which are the closest but last up to an hour to arrive.

He stressed that they have already asked to install a base of firemen or rescuers with ambulance to support them in any mishap, but so far have not been heard.

He said that most of the houses on La Isla de la Piedra are made of concrete material, but the restaurants are roofed with palm and if they catch fire they could not put out the fire.

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