What to do if a bank transfer is not registered in Mexico


Erroneous data or inter-bank problems are the most common causes in the delay of this type of transfers.

Sometimes, either because of the rush or because of the little time we have, we forget to make our payments pending. For this, we can resort to bank transfers to pay for a service or deposit from one bank to another.

For convenience, security or speed, these operations are becoming more common, since they allow us to send or receive money anywhere in the country in a matter of seconds from our cell phone or computer.

When performing this type of operations through the SPEI system, they may be successful or not. But what to do when these bank transfers do not appear?

Erroneous data, insufficient funds, schedule or problems in the system are some of the main reasons why operations may not be reflected.

Simón Díaz, general director of the accounting platform El20.mx, explained that although it is thought that it is only for people who receive this type of operation, the people who send it must also worry.

The most common mistakes

One of the most common causes for this type of delay is a possible delay in the system, which is not made in the schedule established by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), from 6 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon on banking business days, said Díaz.

He argued that one of the most common reasons is that the data is incorrect. He emphasized that the data should be validated, even if it is an international transfer, such as the account and the 18-digit CLABE account. He explained that although this type of operations is done immediately, it may be that the system is saturated and therefore takes a little longer to fall.

The specialist explained that, if after a reasonable time comprising 24 to 48 hours, the user detects that the payment does not fall, the first thing to do is go or call the bank to verify that it has been done and trace the operation.

“It should be checked if the move was made, since the bank may probably withhold this payment or, in case there is an error, the bank may even return it,” he said.

Luis Rubén Chávez, co-founder and CEO of the Yotepresto platform, commented that another reason is that some account is inactive or has a limit on the amount that can be received, mainly payroll, or an inter-bank problem in sending money.

“There are times when transfers are delayed due to banking issues, they can usually take two hours to fall.If after this type the deposit is not reflected, you should ask the bank for reports, “he said.

Track your payment

Once you have made the transaction, if you want to be sure that it was made and verify that it arrived at the right person, you can trace it through a tool implemented by Banxico.

Through the page https://www.banxico.org.mx/cep/ , the interested party may enter and, once the transaction is located, a screen with the data of the transfer and its status will appear. With this you can make the corresponding claim or clarification.

Díaz said that once a transfer was made, a reference number is provided, with which the transfer can be reviewed in the Mexican central bank portal. He added that even some banks give a certificate on this type of operations

“All SPEI pass through Banxico. Through this tool all the information is validated to confirm that the transfer was made in the correct way, that it did not stay in the clearing house or it is only a delay between banks, “he said.

He indicated that being a digital transfer, it is traceable and you can know if it went by mistake to another account or if it is simply stopped.

“With this data, the bank tracks where the transfer is, if it came out, if not, if it did not fall. What the bank will say is that the shipment was made and that you have to check with the receiver of the transfer, “he said.

Both the sender and the recipient must be attentive to this operation, to verify that the shipment has been made.

To do this, they can check their bank to ask about this operation and explain why the deposit was not made.In the case of the people who sent the payment, if the account details are wrong or the transaction does not pass, the refund is simply made.

The co-founder of the Yotepresto platform explained that as part of this tool the issuing bank, the receiving bank, the amount, the date and the folio number are detailed so that the user can download it as PDF as a result of the consultation, which will serve as a reference for any clarification.

Source: el economista

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