WARNING issued by Coepriss: Nimesulide causes liver damage


The head of Coepriss says that only doctors were told not to prescribe it, but the drug is still not secured

Seven days have passed since the warning issued by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks to the whole country of the damages caused by Nimesulida, but it is still sold in pharmacies.

The managers and owners of the businesses indicate that until now they have no indication of health risks.

Do not prescribe the drug

The head of Coepriss in Sinaloa, Jorge Alan Urbina, was questioned about this threat and stressed that until now the indication was extended to doctors from the public and private sector so that they do not prescribe this medication.

Citizens were also called so that if they are taking Nimesulide tablets or suspension, or Redaflam, Degorflan and any drug containing Nimesulide, they go to their doctor to be replaced by another.


The official stressed that the laboratories are no longer supplying the medicine but there is still no indication to ensure the merchandise in the pharmacies. For this reason, they continue to market it.

Source: Coepriss, el debate

The Mazatlan Post