Avocado prices increase in Mexico


The federal attorney’s office informed that the price of the kilo of avocado rose to eighty pesos in some regions of Mexico, although in Mazatlan, on Sunday, its price was 85:90 pesos.

The agency reported that in self-service stores in cities such as Mexico City, it was 70 pesos, in Guadalajara 80 bucks and in Merida 56. 

PROFECO reported that other products were increased was the tomato whose price was 48 pesos in self-service stores; while in the Central de Abasto the kilo cost 34 pesos. In Guadalajara, that same product the price was 25 pesos. 

But in a tour of self-service stores in Mazatlan was found the kilo of avocado through the clouds and only with offers was the way to find the kilo at 68 pesos

Source: rasnoticias

The Mazatlan Post