El Rosario Sinaloa on the right path


* Mayor presents Municipal Development Plan 2019-2021

* Actions to improve education will be implemented

El Rosario.- The presentation of the municipal development plan 2019-2021 of El Rosario was carried out by its municipal president, Dr. Manuel Antonio Pineda Domínguez.

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The event was attended by María Luisa Benítez De Pineda, Municipal DIF President, Miguel Pérez Sánchez, Director of Public Defense on behalf of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, Governor of the State of Sinaloa and Edgar González Zatarain representing the State Legislative Branch.

The Development Plan is made up of goals, objectives and commitments based on five axes focused on the development of the municipality of El Rosario; axis 1 Social Development, axis 2 Urban transformation and environment, axis 3 Public Management, axis 4 Economic development and finally axis 5 Security and Coexistence.

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Among the actions that are being taken for the development of the municipality are investments to schools, sports facilities, new day care centers in support of single mothers and the promotion of culture so that El Rosario remains a Magical Town.

“We take into account citizens, athletes, businessmen; It was a Plan that was carried out listening to the citizens in search of benefits “, commented Pineda Domínguez.

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34 million pesos will be invested in public works plus a mining fund that the municipality has to carry out the development plans.

“I will be traveling to Mexico and I will ask the Director of the Mining Fund, the immediate release of these resources,” he said.

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Among the most important works are the oxidation lagoon in Agua Verde, the repair of the Monte Alto bridge, paving of streets and construction of schools.

Manuel Antonio Pineda Domínguez indicated that this development plan seeks to position El Rosario as the most transparent municipality in Sinaloa, for which citizens will have free access to the plan that is available on the city’s website www . rosary . gob . mx

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