Sister Cities of Mazatlan committee re-established


MAZATLÁN.- The Committee of Sister Cities of Mazatlan, Sinaloa was formally installed by the Cabildo’s plenary session, during the extraordinary session number 10 that took place on Wednesday morning.

Said committee will be headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and by the Secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, as president and technical secretary, respectively.

After the council members were sworn in, the Mayor regretted that the Committee of Sister Cities has been inactive for many years.

«We have not taken advantage as a tourist destination the benefits of sister cities. We need to promote the cultural, tourist, gastronomic, business exchange ».

“We have many sister cities that, because of the information I have, they have never been contacted we look to immediately re-establish relations with them

Sister Cities of Mazatlan:

Santa Monica, Cal. USA 
San Antonio, Texas, USA 
San Diego, Californa, USA 
Brownsville, Texas, USA 
Grand Praire Alberta Canada 
Hamm Germany. 
Punta Arenas, Costa Rica. 
La Ceiba, Honduras 
Tucson, Arizona, USA 
Tijuana, BCN, Mexico. 
Cameron, Texas, USA 
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico 
Durango, Dgo. Mexico 
Seattle Washington, USA

The Mayor congratulated them and ordered them to work in benefit of Mazatlan.

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Committee of Sister Cities of Mazatlan

  • Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Chairman of the Committee
  • José de Jesús Flores Segura, Technical Secretary of the Committee
  • Jesús Javier Alarcón Lizárraga
  • David Armando González Torrentera
  • Regidora María Isabel Gamboa González
  • Regidor Paulina Guadalupe Osuna Castañeda
  • Rodolfo Cardona Pérez
  • Ana Conchita Flores Díaz
  • Beatriz López Díaz de León
  • Alfredo Cristóbal Ruelas Solís
  • Guillermo Romero Rodríguez
  • Hector Pastor Cruz Medrano

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