Cancun, the first Mexican city to use smart lights


46 thousand 547 luminaries and one thousand 657 traditional reflectors were replaced by LED luminaires, as well as more than 600 kilometers of wiring.

In 2017, it was discovered that the Benito Juárez municipality, in Cancún, could not maintain the operation of its public lighting system adequately. More than 50% of luminaires were operating outside their useful life, decreasing their luminosity and presenting constant faults. And is that 15% of the luminaries were out of service.

Given this situation, a public tender was launched in that same year in search of the best public lighting project for their needs; of which was awarded to a company from Monterrey, leader in efficient and sustainable public lighting.

The project presented by Óptima Energía did not require any initial investment by the municipality and required the completion of the modernization of public lighting before April 2019, an objective that the company concluded in September 2018 after replacing 46 thousand 547 luminaires and one thousand 657 traditional reflectors and inefficient by high-tech LED luminaires, the replacement of more than 600 kilometers of wiring for power and distribution of electricity.

Likewise, a pilot project was carried out for the installation of 712 intelligent luminaires in the city of Cancún, which provide at this stage attenuated lighting according to the needs, remote control lighting and addressing of the lighting of each luminaire. These luminaries in the future will be able to offer 5G public internet, weather stations, noise level measurement, smart cameras and brightness adjustment depending on the number of people gathered or traveling in a street.

This is the first Mexican city to have smart luminaries, which provide an additional benefit to the population and which will be sought to be implemented in more municipalities in the country to turn them into smart cities, according to a press release.

Source: notimex

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