Banco Azteca steals savings from deceased clients instead of giving them to their relatives


If the banks are THIEFS, now imagine when a disgusting person like Ricardo Salinas Pliego comes up with a bank. Here one of the thousands of brutal consequences. According to the medium Por Esto de Quintana Roo, Banco Azteca has been committing various frauds in the entity, among them the theft of the savings of deceased clients, resources to which the relatives would be entitled

According to the aforementioned media, several cases have been reported so far this year, although five stand out in which the subsidiary of Grupo Elektra, owned by tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego, denied the relatives of deceased savers to deliver amounts ranging from 68 thousand to 375 thousand pesos, using different legal or illegal schemes. The organization against the abuses and robberies of criminal banks, El Barzón, follows up on a case in Quintana Roo of a person with initials GMH, who died of natural causes last April and who had his savings for 104 thousand 617 pesos and 14 cents. However, the company has been hiding the delivery of resources to family members.

The Barzón Quintana Roo also serves another 4 cases that this year has occurred in the city of Chetumal, where Banco Azteca has refused to pay or shirks the savings of deceased account holders to their relatives. According to the aforementioned media, there is a legal process initiated against the company so that the GMH family can recover the 52,308 pesos that they need and that the institution does not want to deliver them

The person with initials GMH was the holder of savings accounts in Banco Azteca, whose funds amounted to 104 thousand 617 pesos with 14 cents, that is, the savings of the person in question kept in that account for several years. After his significant death, the family went to Banco Azteca to dispose of, as is their right, of GMH’s savings. To date, according to information from Por Esto de Quintana Roo, relatives of the deceased have remaining half to relatives.

The aforementioned media indicates among the pretexts filed by the bank not to deliver the savings, which can only be delivered to two beneficiaries that the person would have named when signing the contract, but who “can not reveal who they are” despite all the living relatives of the account holder have proven kinship.

Banco Azteca has also refused to show a copy of the contract signed by GMH, arguing the “protection that exists in the privacy rights of financial users.” However, Banco Azteca frequently violates that obligation when it publicly exhibits its debtors with everything and photographs.

After a series of resources and investigations undertaken by the family, it was confirmed that one of the beneficiaries is the grandson of the deceased, to whom the bank has already given half of the resources in the savings account. The rest has not been released almost five months after the death of GMH

As if that were not enough, the company has been pressing the family to open accounts at Banco Azteca, “as part of the requirements for them to deliver the remaining money and the information of the family member they request.” The mourners agreed to this

El Barzón Quintana Roo warned that, among other fraudulent practices, Banco Azteca issues receipts with deletable ink, that is, it is easily erased with any scratch or even with the passage of time, rendering the documents useless and thus preventing them from being used in trials. or legal proceedings against you. This practice is in fact common in almost all banks and constitutes a form of financial fraud. El Barzón warns to be particularly careful with Banco Azteca since its contracts include clauses designed to harm the account holder for the benefit of the company.

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