The incredible Collection of Sinaloan Archeologist Chino Billetero


Its exhibition has more than 100 thousand Sinaloan archaeological pieces, however, the government has not shown interest in this

“When I was eight years old one day I ‘skipped’ school and went for a walk to the river, there on the black bridge and I saw some gringos collecting these relics, they offered me money to help them and thought: ‘ chinga su madre. WTF why would I be helping them .  So I started to gather them so they would not be taken away by the gringos” 

This is how the story of Chino Billetero and his Sinaloan Archeology Collection began.

Héctor Manuel Delgado Salas, nicknamed ” El Chino Billetero ” since he earned his living selling lottery tickets, has devoted more than seventy years to his greatest passion, the rescue of Sinaloan archaeological pieces.

Nowadays, it has more than 100 thousand archaeological pieces which it exhibits in its museum “Collection of Sinaloan Archeology”, among which are pots, necklaces, pipes, stamps, sculptures, axes, metates, jewelery and arrowheads.

“Since I was eight years old, I began to collect relics, from that moment on I joined and joined, I fell in love with this archeological rescue, so that these pieces were not lost, I have 71 years now,” he said .

Hector Manuel sold tickets to the National Lottery, on more than one occasion he had to sell the winning ticket of the jackpot and with the tips he financed his expeditions, mainly to Chametla, Sinaloa, in his very popular green van.

Héctor Manuel Delgado Salas, “El Chino Billetero”

With more than 100 thousand pieces rescued and great love to each one of them, it would be difficult to believe that El Chino Billetero has a favorite, but there is one, a stone with a curious engraved image … that of an extraterrestrial!

“A space ship landed here and a Martian came out, the being was immortalized here in the stone” he says . 

Although he is dedicated to doing what he is passionate about, there is one thing that bothers him about all this: no authority supports him.

Neither the State or Federal Government have shown interest in this work of preservation, only the National Institute of Anthropology and History took the trouble to congratulate him for his work, but he did not lend support either.

“The government has to wait for me to die to recognize me, as Diego Rivera and all those bastards who already dead recognize them … should support me while I’m still alive,” he said. 

Currently the dream of El Chino Billetero is to open a museum in Mazatlan, so that tourists can know and appreciate these beautiful unique pieces of Sinaloa. 

Although the archaeological rescue is his main activity, Hector Manuel also has a large collection of natural painted stones, antiques and porcelain objects, to which they would like to open their own museum.

“It’s a pity that the government does not help me, or know that we have this so beautiful, so that the tourist knows what Sinaloa has to offer, they have not given value to this,” he  lamented.

Héctor Manuel Delgado Salas, “El Chino Billetero”

Visit this wonderful place unique in the state located in Benito Juárez Street # 616 Pte. Colonia Centro, Culiacan Collection of Sinaloan Archeology of Chino Billetero
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