These are the most common mistakes of Mazatlecos while driving


So far this year there have been about 20 deaths due to road mishaps in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Roads and Transportation Delegation, through Road Safety Education, has detected the most common mistakes of Mazatlecos, that has triggered accidents in the port.

Driving in the left lane, not giving way to the pedestrian and ignoring the traffic light, are the most common mistakes made by Mazatlecos, according to the Chief of Road Safety Education, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez.

He stressed that the Mazatlan daily commit these errors, but the one that is increasing accidents and deaths in the port is ignoring the traffic light.

Pedestrians and double row

“There is one that began to increase traffic accidents, is when we see the flashing of the green light, which means slows down and instead of doing so, we accelerate and that has increased the accidents in places where there should be no accidents.

He said that in the port there have been about 20 deaths due to traffic accidents in different circumstances.

Another notable error is the fact that drivers use the left lane of traffic more frequently and do not yield to pedestrians.

“The right lane we do not like, because we stand behind the truck, because of the slowness of the cars, we despair and we go in the left lane, but the right lane of traffic is the right,” he said.

“In any road it is very obvious that people do not stop to give way to the pedestrian and the pedestrian is accustomed to not giving way, they are very seen things, we all do them and then if they are corrected, the coexistence in public spaces, “he added.

Source: reaccion informativa

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