Salvador Alvarado tourist drowns in Mazatlan


Salvador Alvarado’s tourist went to Mazatlan to attend a farmers’ convention that took place in the port

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- A tourist from Salvador Alvarado drowned in the beaches of Mazatlan. The report of a person floating on the beaches of a well-known hotel, which also has a subdivision mobilized the rescue units, this at approximately 08:40 hours.

According to the information gathered in the place, he points out that the subject got into a swim and from one moment to another was seen floating in the blue zone. The hotel workers’ lifeguards rushed to help him out unconscious of the sea, they quickly began the work of first aid by performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The workers of the hotel that took the person requested the support of the group of the Public Safety Aquatic Salvage Squadron. By radio, the Public Security personnel requested the presence of the ambulance arriving at the paramedic place of a private clinic who declared him lifeless.

After this action the agents of the ESA proceeded to cover the body because the curious tourists began to take pictures of the man without life. The presence of the staff of the General State Prosecutor’s Office was also requested to carry out the corresponding part of the events.

The tourist came to a farmers’ congress in Mazatlan. Photo THE DEBATE

Minutes later, friends and relatives of the deceased woke up, who commented that it responded to the name of José Pantaleón N. of 60 years, and was originally from the Salvador Alvarado municipality and supposedly came to a farmer’s congress that took place in the port.

A later relatives of the deceased began to get upset because the investigation staff did not arrive at the place, claiming to the lifeguards that at what times they would raise the body that they will call the funeral home and that the investigation will be carried out there, since it had already tended in the sand.

After almost two hours the Apolo staff arrived at the place, and began to collect the competent information, likewise, gave the signal to the funeral staff on duty and removed the body of José Pantaleón N. and transferred it to the Semefo of the city to be delivered to their families.

Source: el debate

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