The U.S. asked Mexico to reject Chinese investment


According to Romo, the US Commerce Secretary made petitions to Mexican businessmen and officials during a forum in April, including not having active Chinese investment in the country and helping to stop the migration.

Wilbur Ross, secretary of Commerce of the United States, asked to industralists and officials of the Government of Mexico not to have active investment of China in the country, mainly in strategic projects, said this Thursday Alfonso Romo, head of the office of the Presidency of the Republic .

During his participation in the 71st Assembly of the National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry (Canacero), Romo said that the above occurred during a meeting in Mérida, Yucatán, in the framework of the CEO Forum Dialogue, on April 12.

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“In Merida, after the CEO Dialogue ended, we had a meeting with several members of Mexico with Secretary Wilbur Ross, I am going to tell you an anecdote that was very interesting since all this happened in 232 (Mexican steel and aluminum tariff) He says: ‘Well, I want to ask for several things , we want to strengthen the relationship because the only way for the United States is to have a common front in a very strong trade bloc to compete with China,’ “he said.

He stressed that it is phobia what Americans have with China, and that this is unanimous between Democrats and Republicans.

“‘Second, we do not want the very active participation of Chinese investment in Mexico, especially in strategic projects, Thirdly, we want them to help us stop the migration coming from Central America, and fourth, the president made a commitment, so we’re going to be very careful about how we’re going to negotiate 232, “Romo said of what Ross said.

To this, the head of the Office of the President assures that he responded to the US official that they must decide what they want, because not everything can be fulfilled.

“I remain silent, so I said: against Mexico, it is very easy, you ask us for the four things but you do not want tomatoes, then you have to define whether you want tomatoes or migrants, or steel and migrants,” he explained.

The United States is currently negotiating with China its commercial relationship, which has caused both nations to impose tariffs.

At the end of the meeting with steelmakers this Thursday, Romo clarified that Chinese companies are welcome to Mexico , like any other country, although now they have no dialogue with any.

“We want foreign investment to go from 29 and 30 billion dollars (annual) to 35 and 40 billion, we see that many American companies can reach Mexico, they are American that produce in China and that because of the commercial war they will look for where move.

“We must seize the opportunity that many industries that are there that do not have American content and that come here to Mexico,” he explained.

He said that they already have a study on what US industries based in China can come to Mexico because the goal is to turn the North American trade bloc into one of the strongest in the world.

Source: el financiero

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