Mazatlán: Beaches contaminated by “cigarette butts”


More than eighty thousand cigarette butts have been collected from the beaches of Mazatlan, as part of the permanent cleanup campaign.

The director of the Operadora de Playas Rogelio Olivas, informed that it is also about raising awareness so that those who generate waste in the spas take it away.

The collection of the so-called “bachichas” is given every weekend by volunteers. On the beach they have to scavenge the sand in search of that garbage that contaminates the environment, the water and even kills the birds.

So that people avoid throwing away that garbage, containers have been placed, which can be taken for their use while they smoke and at the end place them in their place.

Last Sunday in the day held at the height of the estuary of the Yoke, dozens of butts were taken that have thrown away the ones who finish the party there on weekends.

Source: rasnoticias

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