Work begins in Arroyo de Urías to stop flooding in Mazatlan


* With an investment of 100 million

* 12 thousand families will be benefited

With an investment of 100 million pesos, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel gave the start signal in the construction of the concrete lining of the Arroyo de Urías, which will benefit 12 thousand families from ten popular neighborhoods in flood risks and for avoid a health problem

The president himself acknowledged in his message that this project was a project longed for years, but had the support of the federal government through a Metropolitan Fund in the Ministry of Finance that will make this important work of social projection possible.

In the act was also the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, who was quick to point out that this work began with federal resources and then acknowledged that also with state contributions.

For the technical explanation of the work, the secretary of Public Works, Osvaldo Angulo, said that the Arroyo de Urias will have concrete in two kilometers in length, by ten meters wide and just over two meters high.

At the beginning of his message Governor Ordaz Coppel, a lady asked him to speak and when he had his chance, he accused the mayor’s office in the municipality of carrying out a “hunt against street vendors”. In the face of Mayor Benítez Torres, he complained about why “they were not allowed to work”. He also complained and harassed and there were no permits for street vendors.

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