Mazatlan Beach Administrator will conduct a census of irregular palapas


The use of a concrete floor is not allowed by Semarnat, an entity in charge of delivering concessions and regulating these businesses

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- With the objective of identifying and regulating the palapas that are found on the beaches, the Operadora and Administradora de Playas will conduct a census.

Rogelio Olivas, director of this municipal entity, said that in Mazatlan concrete floors have been built in palapas that are within the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, 

This act is not allowed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), federal entity responsible for delivering concessions to people who take advantage of these spaces.

The census

Olivas stated that in the absence of the concessionaires, the Operadora y Administradora de Playas will conduct a census. Subsequently, it will deliver a notification to Semarnat to act in accordance with its regulations. In this way we seek to avoid falling into omission as a municipal authority.

There will also be more attention when construction permits are given on the beaches so that the Operator and Beach Administrator is consulted and the builder knows in what type of area or area they plan to work.

Of yore

The director cataloged this problem as old, since many of the existing palapas are laying concrete floors. Even though this is one of the construction bans when the concession is granted for the use and enjoyment of the federal zone. 

He stressed that the authority that should watch over this is Semarnat. In relation to the existing cases, he commented that it will be the federal authorities’ job to resolve them, however, he considers that legal resources will have to be used because the restaurateurs can seek to “fight” legally. 

Only one concession 

Olivas Osuna said that only one permit has been given for the construction of palapas, which has been stopped by the municipality and has already been reviewed by the Operadora y Administradora de Playas.

Source: el debate

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