Is a crystal beach possible in Mazatlan?


The glass beaches are made up of pieces of glass molded by erosion, instead of sand

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Mexico could have its first crystal beach and it would be located in Mazatlan.

And the Center for Research in Food and Development, AC is projecting a glass beach in the port, because glass is becoming a pollution problem and it is not profitable to sell it, said Eunice Murúa Figueroa, biologist at CIAD .

“The cost-benefit relationship in a recycling program is currently not profitable, because its transfer to the recycling plant closest to the municipality of Mazatlan, generates very high costs which would not be subsidized by any entity,” he said.

The idea, he said, is to create a network of links with the public that uses glass for this to be crushed and molded to deposit it on the beaches.

“The glass does not pollute, it is completely inert, it is pure transformed sand,” he said.


“It would be the first crystal beach in all of Mexico, because glass is already becoming a pollution problem,” he added.

He commented that this crystal beach would be a tourist product more in the port.

He stressed that the premise of the project is to allocate in a safe and appropriate way the glass generated in the port through a program of gathering, crushing and transferring the glass to the beaches that are currently presenting problems of erosion.

Murúa Figueroa said that the pilot program could be implemented in Cerritos or in areas with high erosion.

Worldwide there are examples of crystal beaches such as Steklyashka, Vladivostok, Russia, Davenport Beach, California, Crystal Beach of MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg, California, Crystal Beach of Hanapepe Bay, Kauai, Hawaii, Playa del Bigaral in Luanco, Asturias, Spain, Sea Glass Beach and Black Bay Beach, Bermuda, United Kingdom.

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