Mazatlan residents come out to defend their ‘green treasure’ in Rincón de Uriah


Neighbors are organized and seek to stop the felling of trees in the middle of the paving of a canal that is about to start on the Gardenia Avenue of the same colony

Moved by the affection they have planted in their homeland, residents of the Rincon de Uriah neighborhood in Mazatlan have spoken out in defense of their ‘green treasure’.

Paola Lucía Sánchez Bribiesca, a neighbor in the sector, said that among the inhabitants they have organized to collect signatures, this after the visit of alleged personnel of the Department of Public Works of the municipal and state governments that warned them about a paving project in the canal that borders Avenida Gardenia.

According to these people the work would end with the area reforested by 16 years of 50 trees, among which are the neem, ficus and fruit species such as guamuchiles and mangos.

Among the neighbors frightened by the future that could have the vegetation of the place are boys and girls, like David Zamudio who at 9 years of age, says that the trees have become their friends since they were babies, being one of the most pleasant companies for him and his friends, who enjoy being in the shade, but also climbing on them, swinging and even building a treehouse.

Together with the voices of their parents, the children ask the authorities to reconsider modifying the plans and find a way to continue the work, but without affecting the vegetation that has become their area of entertainment and part of their lives .

Source: tvpacifico

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