Mazatlan: Water service will be normalized Thursday or Friday


The municipal president made this clarification about the water shutdown

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The water service will be normalized on Thursday or Friday in the municipality of Mazatlán, said municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He added that in addition to the repair of the damaged pipe elbow in the water entering the 5,000 tank of Flores Magón, it will be used to interconnect with the 4,200 tank that will guarantee greater supply for the city.

Up to this moment, they already have 42 water trucks working full time to bring water first to the marginalized areas.

The official made a tour to supervise in the area of ​​garzas supplying pipes in the Loma Atravesada, where the work and the distribution of the vital liquid are carried out.

While the repair work lasts, dependencies of the City Council, private companies and the “CMIC” Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry join forces to provide the vital liquid to those affected

There are a little more than 45 water trucks are supplying water, especially the invasions of the north of Mazatlán and the Cerritos area, which is where most of the shortages have been presented, although an operation is being structured to supply as required. need in different settlements.

There are a total of 149 affected colonies, in addition to communities located in the northern part of the port, which are being affected while the repair work lasts, which are expected to end this Monday.

The manager of the Jumapam, Ismael Tiznado, informed that before the emergency, a plan was structured to supply the affected colonies with water and clarified that the shortage is not total, since the service is continued through tank 800, through which is going to continue pumping water to the city.

Due to this, citizens are asked to make a rational use of water until they are finished with repairs.

Source: el debate, el sol de mazatlan

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