Mazatlan restaurant investments create new gastronomic corridors


This year it is estimated the opening of 60 restaurants, with new concepts and in areas that have not yet been exploited

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The investments of new restaurants continue in Mazatlan, so far this year 15 new businesses of the 60 that are estimated for this 2019 have been opened; revealed Oscar Palacios Gómez.

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The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry, said that such growth will lead to the creation of new development zones for these businesses.

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We hope to close this year with the opening of 60 restaurants, we have had some openings, there have been no closings, which indicates that we are going through a very good time.

Oscar Palacios Gómez.

He recalled that last year they had 60 restaurant openings, and in this year the behavior is similar, to date there are 15 openings, mainly in La Marina, Zona Dorada and less in the Historic Center.

Palacios Gómez Futuras said that these new restaurant investments will create new gastronomic corridors since new businesses are being seen outside traditional areas.

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“I do not rule out that other areas will be activated, there is interest, but I can not comment for obvious reasons, but you will see that in the future small gastronomic corridors will be expanding in other parts of the city,” he explained.

He explained that part of these investments will come to expand the offer of the culinary product through new and varied concepts, such as restaurants of American food, international food, and franchises.

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Kua Cocina

“We are going through good times, the openings will continue, there are several concepts, people are not only betting on the issue of fish and seafood,” he said.


15 new businesses have been opened in 2019.

60 businesses are estimated to open in the year.

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Todos Santos Mariscos Bar

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