Mazatlan Pulmonia driver accomplice to multiple robberies


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Elements of the municipal police of Mazatlan managed to catch two presumed people responsible for a robbery of an oxxo, thanks to the activation of the panic button. 

According to information from the Ministry of Public Security, it was at noon when this criminal act was recorded in the city, in an OXXO store on Guasave Street between Mazatlan Avenue and Los Mochis in the Fovissste Playa Azul

Through a statement, he announced that the detainees “are José Martín N, 29 years old, and Ramón Enrique N, 56 years old. The first was secured with a large kitchen knife and the amount of 770 pesos plus a cell phone Alcatel brand and the second was found a leather wallet with a thousand 103 pesos in cash. In addition to the insured weapon and money, there is also white Pulmonia with black and green stripes. ”

According to the statement “, they are related to other similar robberies during the weekend. Therefore the municipal authorities exhort merchants and citizens who have been affected to file the corresponding complaint with the public prosecutor for the legal process as the case ” 

Everything indicates that the modus operandi was through the Pulmonia unit, whose driver Ramón, tried to escape when the police stop them in the Los Portales neighboorhood but failed.

At the time they were arrested, one was found a knife in the waist, 770 pesos a cell phone, while the lung a wallet with a thousand 103 pesos in cash. 
Both were turned over before the corresponding authority. 

Source: noroeste. el sol de mazatlan

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