Durango will no longer be able to use partisan colors


It is common that, with each change of government, public resources are used to change the institutional image, which is used to use colors identified with political parties.

Until now, the governments were not sanctioned by these bad practices, but, as of next September 1st of this year, the City Councils will be obliged to unify their image, based on the established criteria.

Likewise, the Government of the State, the Congress, the Judicial Power and the autonomous organisms will have to do the same but as of the first of January of 2023.

And is that the State Congress unanimously approved the Law of Institutional Image for the State and Municipalities, which states that, regardless of the administration that is, the different Powers will have to unify their image.

In this regard, only the colors white, gray and black may be used. Otherwise, the sanctions established in the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities may be imposed, depending on the seriousness of the fault.


As part of the explanatory statement, reference was made during the session to one of the main complaints and demands of society is the waste of public resources in the institutional image of each public entity, which generates annoyance among society.

It was said that each change of administration involves a heavy expenditure of economic resources that could be used in other actions that do benefit society.

At the beginning of a new administration, one of the first actions carried out is the official change of image: the logo, colors, and slogan, among other aspects, seeking to impose its personal stamp on the management and give the programs their own identity, only for political purposes, which motivated the approval of the initiative in question.


Public administrations should refrain from using colors identified with political parties, as this may confuse them.


In Durango, some schools were painted blue, while in others the orange domes were painted, which makes it look bad.


n each management change it was common that one of the first actions was to change the image, which generates a great expense.

Source: el siglo de durango

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