Durango architects win “Alpine Hostel 2019” international competition


Four Durango winners won an international architectural competition, placing the entity on the world map for its original design, taking into account sustainability.

Roberto Daniel Medina Domínguez, Gibran Alonso Pérez Favela and Esdras Álvarez Arreola, architects graduated from the Technological Institute of Durango (ITD), in the company of Claudia Patricia Dávila Martínez, graduated from the Autonomous University of Durango (UAD), positioned the state of Durango and Mexico in the international arena, with a very prominent participation.

And, they won the “Alpine Hostel 2019”, a global contest of ideas to encourage the preservation of natural resources, surpassing participants from countries such as Chile and Spain.

The call was launched at the beginning of 2019 by the company Concursos AG360, with the aim that the participating teams from all over the world presented architectural projects with proposals to make a hostel in the fourth highest volcano in Mexico: Xinantécatl, better known as the Nevado de Toluca, locating the simulation of the construction on a natural platform that is under the crater.

About the winning project architect Álvarez Arreola, who is also an outstanding teacher of the Technological, said that from the first stage of realization they focused on the research that gave them the necessary guidelines to develop the project, executing the analysis of the place, its climate, topography and collecting all the information possible to develop an attractive and safe design and, above all, not violate the nature of the space.

The concept was to take advantage of the structures that naturally formed with the flow of magma and natural elements, to create the interiors, also giving priority to creating attractive views of the valley and the crater integrating the structure to nature. Draft

He was the best qualified among the projects presented by architects from several countries.Prize

They were given economic recognition, in addition to their design will be published on various platforms, worldwide.

Source: el sigo de durango

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