Mazatlán will host the UNESCO forums on Innovation and Cultural Diversity


It will be on May 21 and June 5 when these events that seek to promote cultural diversity take place

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Technology (UNESCO) will be carrying out the Unesco Mazatlan Conversatory in the city: Creative Cities for Diversity and Innovation, this the May 21, starting at 10:00 in the morning.

This conservatory will consist of two sections: the first one that will start at 11:15 am and another one at 3:30 pm under the themes of Innovation and Cultural Diversity in the cities called as creative by this organization.

“This discussion is the first that in its kind happens here in the port and in the state, where we will meet representatives of the cities that are applying to be recognized as creative cities” before Unesco, announced Arturo Santamaría Gómez, researcher and member of the executive committee of the Mazatlan Ciudad Creativa project in Gastronomy.


For this event, the student community of branches related to gastronomy, culture and the arts is invited for free.

In the same way, the UNESCO / Mazatlan International Creativity and Cultural Tourism Forum for Sustainable Urban Development will be taking place in Mazatlan on June 05.

In this type of events, guests from other creative cities, such as Ensenada, San Cristobal de las Casas and Morelia, will be sharing information about these concepts.

Source: reaccioninfromativa

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