With the approval of this day of the igulitario marriage, in the Congress of San Luis Potosí, already they are 17 the states of the country where this is possible.

The Congress endorsed this day – with 14 votes in favor, one abstention and 12 against – to amend articles 15, 105 and 133 of the Family Code of this state .

And with that, it joins the City of Mexico (2010), Quintana Roo (2012), Coahuila (2014), Chihuahua (2015), Nayarit (2015), Jalisco (2016), Campeche (2016), Colima (2016), Michoacán (2016), Morelos (2016), Chiapas (2017), Puebla (2017), Baja California (2017), Nuevo León (2019), Aguascalientes (2019) and Hidalgo (2019), entity that only on May 14 th got. 

The decision of the Potosian congress is made within the framework of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, held on May 17.

In this tenor, this day it was announced that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs,  Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon , signed an office so that all people, without distinction of sex, can get married in the consular offices of Mexico around the world.

From now on, all consular offices will be able to  celebrate marriage  between Mexicans,  regardless of their sex , the federal agency said in a statement. 

The foreign minister said that democracy is an essential part of the Mexican identity so you can not build a democratic country if you exclude a part of society.

Source: reporteindigo

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