Thursday, May 16 Peso Exchange Quotes


The green currency registers on Tuesday a maximum of 18.77 pesos in exchange offices of the International Airport of Mexico City

Mexico.- On Thursday, May 14, the US dollar is traded at exchange houses of the “Benito Juárez” International Airport in Mexico City, at an average of 18.77 pesos on sale and 17.65 pesos on purchase.

The currency is traded in these exchange centers in a maximum of 19.40 pesos and acquired at a minimum of 17.60 pesos.

The euro is sold at a maximum of 22.69 pesos and is bought at a minimum of 21.00 pesos.

The pound sterling is purchased at 24.05 pesos and is sold at 25.95; the yen is bought at 0.15 and it is bid at 0.23 pesos.

Source: banxico

The Mazatlan Post