Illegal logging, depredation of sea turtles, pollution by garbage attack one of the main tourist attractions of Mazatlan.


Despite being one of the most visited sites in Mazatlan, the natural riches of the Isla de la Piedra are being affected by illegal logging, the depredation of sea turtles and contamination by garbage.

The island is unique in Mazatlan. 20 kilometers from the urban area of ​​the port, this paradisiacal corner of beaches and palm groves that boasts its cuisine based on fresh fish and seafood that are tasted on the seashore.

And although its greatest value lies in its natural resources, these are being damaged.

Tourism and fishing are the main activities of the Island of the Stone.

On May 9, for example, at least 40 sea turtle shells were found in the mangrove area, opposite the fishing pier. Two days later, large amounts of industrial waste were discovered in a small clandestine dump in the open at the foot of the sea, in this case, it is presumed that it is waste of some company.

But that’s not all, on Isla de la Piedra another illegal practice has been detected: the felling of trees.

“The felling is in the hill, you are seeing a lot of people, that is the problem that there is now, in fact there are many things, but the logging is starting,” said a neighbor of the Island of the Stone, subject to his identity. Apparently clandestine groups have entered the place to take the trees.

From this, the authority already has knowledge and has begun to document it.

The Playa de los Chivos is part of the attractions of the Isla de la Piedra due to its calm waters.

The director of municipal Ecology and Environment, Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, said she has reports of illegal logging in the hill, which was already notified to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa), responsible for monitoring and investigating this crime .

The inhabitants of the Island of the Stone, on the other hand, begin to react with prudence, they can not clearly distinguish what is happening, but what they do know is that someone is using the remote areas of the houses to throw industrial waste, plastics , incalculable amounts of garbage, and now … the felling of trees.

On the Island

The Island of the Stone was decreed ejido in 1936 and it is considered one of the zones of greater tourist attraction of Mazatlan, but it is not in the radar of constant inspection and surveillance of federal authorities and today permeates the clandestine and impunity.

With a population that exceeds 5 thousand inhabitants, its main economic activity is agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Its location has allowed locals to open their own sources of employment with rent of umbrellas, install palapas, rest areas, and offer recreational walks.

But behind this paradisiacal place, the underground begins to permeate and the fear spreads little by little in front of distant authorities.

The beaches of the island are attractive for surfing. This weekend, for example, the “Classic Los Picos de la Isla” surfing and bodyboarding tournament was held. Photo: Madeline Ranmor.

“The felling is in the hill, you are seeing a lot of people, that is the problem that there is now, in reality, they are many things, but the felling is beginning”,

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