Neuromarketing: a direct pathway to the mind of the consumer


Advertising linked to neuromarketing is a specialized way of doing market research to properly detect the behavior of consumers. Would you like to know how to take advantage of this technique? Just keep reading…

With the opening of digital media and the exponential growth of these online platforms, advertising and marketing meet new challenges; and although we are not so green on these issues, evolution is constant and challenging for those of us who work in the field of communications.

The unknown remains the same, but the challenge is greater: How do we reach a changing audience that is also constantly exposed and bombarded by different type of advertising and propaganda messages, of which most ‘pass without seeing’? … As David Geisen says: “If you have something valuable to deliver to the market, you need to find the right way to advertise it and sell it.”

Well, it is in this context that this new science is introduced, which comes to give a 180º turn to traditional marketing: Neuromarketing, although the term that has been heard in recent years, it has not yet been a properly and scientifically exploited.

Broadly speaking and for those who are not familiar with this subject, neuromarketing is responsible for the application of neuroscience techniques in the field of marketing. It analyzes the levels of attention and emotion in different areas of the brain, as well as the stimuli perceived in a conscious and subconscious way; measuring, for example, brain activity and heart rate. In other words, it is a specialized way of doing market research in order to find out the exact behavior of our consumers on a neurological level.

What is advertising based on Neuromarketing about?

Carlos Yerena, director of the 702 Marketing agency, explains the advantages of advertising linked to neuromarketing and how he takes advantage of this tool for the creation and development of successful campaigns.

“In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of advertising that excites, advertisements that reach the heart and gives you the “goose bumps”. Terms such as ’emotional branding’ are heard and campaigns are launched that attack feelings. Finally, nowadays, with all the advertising that we are exposed to on a daily basis, only the one that manages to touch that sensitive fiber, will obtain a space in our mind. It is here where neuromarketing begins to play a very important role, since this science takes advantage of the fact that people are a kinesthetic system and takes advantage by attacking the five senses and generating living memories that, in turn, arouse greater remembrance; opening a direct path to the mind of the consumer “, comments Carlos Yerena.

Kinesthetic System. The movement of the body’s muscles, tendons, and joints can also be monitored by mechanoreceptors in these structures. The process is called kinesthesis.

Our kinesthetic system is our bodily sensations and feelings. These feelings are not the names we give to our sensations that we call emotion. Emotions are mostly evaluations of a set of sensations or learned responses, originating in our brains and translated into body sensations.

Sell ​​experiences, not products

It sounds easy, but how can we achieve this? Although each one of the audiences we address is different, they all have a common denominator: The purchase process.

According to Gerald Zaltman, 95% of purchasing decisions are not rational and are rather driven by our unconscious, but what motivates our unconscious to act?

Neuromarketing becomes a great tool to learn about the unconscious; since it reveals the insights that even the consumer does not know about himself. Thus, this science helps us in the creation of integral marketing and advertising strategies, and in the development of messages encoded in an assertive manner, generating sales to the subconscious.

702 Marketing is an advertising agency that is literally revolutionizing marketing in Western Mexico. Established in Puerto Vallarta and recently opened operations iand offices in Guadalajara and Tijuana, it specializes in the creation of strategic advertising campaigns based on neuroscience.

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Source: The Baja Post