16 products that awaken the nostalgia of Mexicans


From the beloved FAROS to the beloved Motita chewing gum, these products left their mark on the Mexican imagination.

Nostalgia is the pain that calls us back. And it manifests itself in ways, certainly, mysterious. Almost always appears in the details, small things that remind us of times in life, perhaps, more simple. For Mexicans there are some objects, some flavors, sounds, smells that immediately make us go into a trance and take us to this beloved place.

And is that despite the immense diversity that characterizes this land, some things are constantly responsible for meeting and we, so nostalgic, do not want to forget them, or leave them behind. Let’s see what memories bring you back with these 16 products that without fail arouse Mexican nostalgia.



It is said that these cigars were the “economic” version of the Alas; they were the classics for the peasants and the workers. When they were announced they were always directed at men, looking like ranchers, at the “workers”, who looked for them because of their powerful flavor.



The delicious lemon soda is an authentic Mexican classic. Many tried it for the first time in their place of origin: Guerrero. There was born the beloved Yoli, in 1918. It was a really special thing, because before it was not easy in other parts of the country and the taste was incomparable. The classic bottle of cold glass, showed the transparent and bubbling liquid that appeased the heat of the Hot Land.



The classic envelope that fell from the broken piñatas. Some pretend not to remember, that they ate more than one out of school. The Miguelito was pure stimulation to taste: salt, sugar and chili, coloring and nothing else. An authentic “umami” : absolute flavor. Just remembering it makes your mouth water.


For the older ones, in addition to Apache Tricycles, there were Avalanches. An extreme toy, which in these times looks little. The principle was simple: a table with four wheels guided by a steering wheel. The execution was scandalous: it was necessary to take impulse, to risk colliding with people, dogs and cars and, of course, to support the possible fall.  


Is it possible to say that all Mexicans, besides having eaten an omelet, have drunk Choco-Milk? It is the breakfast classic, with fried eggs or hot-cakes. Unforgettable, of course, the character of the brand, Pancho Pantera, who once represented a strong young peasant and now, in its contemporary version, is an extreme athlete (a phenomenon, no doubt, worthy of being analyzed).


Before your bike with wheels, you had an Apache tricycle. Famous for their durability, they were the vehicle of hundreds of Mexican children who, a couple of decades later, make them last in memory.

Mazapanes of La rosa


As an adult they are, frankly, a guilty pleasure. Peanut and sugar, nothing more. The candy was first made in Jalisco, but it is a classic of all of Mexico and almost an archetype in the imaginary. The joke is to delicately open the plastic wrap around the marzipan and extract the candy carefully and without breaking it. Achieving it is a miracle, although crumbling does not stop being delicious.


These cigars from Irapuato are returning to be fashionable and in all this time they have not changed their strategy. If people want them, it is because they are made of rice paper and because their slogan is that they are natural. Although previously they were also appreciated by the peasant classes, they are now seen in the hands of intellectuals and other members of the middle class of Mexico City.


In Mexico there is an indelible romance with the Volkswagen Sedan. The car was very loved for its price, functionality, versatility and also for its curious design. It was the basic of Mexican families in the cities. He was so loved that, when it was discontinued, the last one was made in Puebla and a large delegation said goodbye to him with mariachis.



Much loved by the Mexicans were these bottles of “soda without gas”. Originally this drink was called “El naranjo”, when it went on sale in 1947; but in the decade of the 50 the name was changed to “Chaparritas” because that’s what their consumers said to them of affection.   

Selz soda


How to forget these sweets! Now they are very difficult to obtain, although they still exist; but the taste and, especially the experience, is not forgotten. The idea was to recreate the sensation of a soda in the mouth and that’s why the candies were carbonated. Sniffing between children’s parties, you may have the fortune of finding them again.  

Motita chewing gum

The mere mention of these gum makes many nostalgic. And is that if something corresponds to other times “simpler” are the motita. Did you know you could buy 10 for a peso? They were long and had flavors like banana and tutti-frutti and how can you forget their fantastic television commercials?

Sweets from Sonric’s maguito


Sonric’s is a character that still has a place in the back of our minds. And the candy boxes were, perhaps, the most charming surprise that could be offered to a child. It was a considerable package with paddles, chews and even a small toy that represented the characters of the popular cartoons of the moment.

Lili Ledy


Maybe you did not know that it was called that way the brand responsible for those plastic figures with which practically all Mexicans born between 970 and 1990 have ever played. The little dolls and dolls representing the favorite characters of comics and cartoons that accompanied the children everywhere were born in 1950, in the Cuauhtémoc colony. For the children were the Adventurers of Action and, for the girls, Bárbara parlante (with a voice system with a Mexican patent), Señorita Lili and Lili Lagrimitas to whom the jingle corresponds: “She cries and cries and moves her hands, she is only happy taking her for a walk. “

Mapite pencils


If you did not color your maps of Mexico with Mapita pencils, you probably did not do the primary in this country. Should we say more? These colors were the cheap option, of considerable quality and available in practically all the stationeries. If you do not remember them, maybe it’s because you were touched by Snow White pencils.



The corn chips with chili powder have been around for a long time, but they are part of that group of scrap that you begin to forget when you grow up. However, meeting a solitary bag at a newsstand is a call to return to the beloved past. No one would waste it …

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