Mazatlan Olas Altas and its cheerful nightlife


If you are looking for a nice family afternoon with the best view of Mazatlan, then you should visit Olas Altas, a place full of life where you can enjoy many activities to pass the time.

This beach of golden sand and good waves to surf, keeps a great flow of people during the year, but when the weather is hot dry, tourists and locals gather here when the first rays of sunset begin to lean out, to perform physical activities, Take a bike ride or walk your pets.

One of its attractions is its restaurants, some very famous as La Copa de Leche “Now Ricos Coffee”, the first restaurant that opened its doors on this magnificent promenade, which is commonly frequented by great celebrities.

From Thursday to Sunday when the night is still young, little by little the atmosphere changes to one of a party, the lights give a sensation of tranquility and privacy, while the people begin to be animated by any rhythmic sound, coming from the bars, restaurants or of the pulmonias.

Some just enjoy being in a comfortable chat sitting on the boardwalk, drinking a refreshing drink from the stalls in front or having dinner at some of the restaurants bars.

The atmosphere of Olas Altas does not change even if the weather becomes warmer or there are probabilities of rain, since these days, the sunsets look like a beautiful painting and the party continues.

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