Avocado in a bar, the evolution of breakfast


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Delicious and full of benefits the avocado comes in a new presentation to facilitate its application in food and enjoy green gold.

Avocados are not only delicious, but they are also full of nutrients, fatty acids, and fiber. Practically perfect, but someone thought that they could still be improved even more by putting them in a bar.

It is a completely unnecessary invention: Avocado on a Stick (avocado bar). It works exactly like a deodorant stick, but only that you have to go through a toast.

Most people rated it as stupid, but some people said they die to have it in their kitchen.

They warn that putting avocado on a slice of bread is complicated and implies a danger, because in the United States some people have been injured trying to split an avocado, so they say that, with this presentation, enjoy the ‘green gold’ is simple and delicious.

The creator of the avocado bar is Matt Benedetto, an entrepreneur and product designer from Burlington, Vermont in the United States, dedicated to generating sophisticated ideas for various brands.

Now for a more useful invention

A young mexican created utensils with avocado seeds that degrade in only 240 days

The war on plastic is already declared: a young Mexican created a company that is dedicated to developing sorbets, cutlery and  plastic products with avocado seeds, which  degrade in 240 days.

Scott Munguía was a Mexican student studying Chemical Engineering at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Monterrey, Mexico.

Source: mvsnoticias, intriper

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