Mazatlan: The motorcyclist creates his own conditions that put him in danger when driving

The director of Road Safety Education, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez explained that they rarely respect lanes, speed limits, do not indicate movements and do not use certified helmets

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After several accidents in which motorcycles have been involved, which resulted in nine motorcyclists killed, the director of Road Safety in the southern zone, Roberto Jaime Rodríguez, acknowledged that they are the same ‘bikers ‘who create the conditions that put them in danger.

And, he explained, motorcyclists hardly respect lanes, does not respect speed limits, does not yield, among other situations that indicate that they have no knowledge of basic road safety education.

“We have to have the minimum chance of having an accident, but it seems that the motorcyclist seeks to have all the possibilities of having an accident because it does not respect lanes, does not respect speed limits, does not give way to pedestrians, does not indicate movements, does not use a certified helmet, sure to take care of life, does not bring the lights on, “he said.

“The motorcyclist has created certain conditions that put him in danger. Right now we have nine dead so far this year of pure motorcyclists, then the figure tells us the bad behavior it has, “he added.

Roberto Jaime invited the municipal transit authority to enforce the rules, punishing if necessary, because bad practices at the wheel are the bread of every day.

“Failure to comply with the rules are sanctions, so that at the moment that Transit detects any lack must sanction them. The motorcyclist must know that he is a driver of a vehicle, circulates on public roads and therefore has responsibilities, “he said.

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