At least 12 gas stations will be entitled to a fine of 800 thousand pesos for refusing a verification carried out by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco).

In a morning conference, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, head of the Profeco, and accompanied by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, revealed in the latest report on gasoline prices at gas stations that 125 stations were evaluated according to a draw.

The results showed that there were immobilizations in 50 bombs, in 41 of them because they did not give liters of a liter. In addition 125 pumps with problems were detected and 68 do not give the full liters.

Among those who refused to be evaluated are: Millenium 3; La Completa, in Yucatán; 2131, in Nuevo León; University Service Station in Puebla, among others.

On the contrary, only 63 of them went well in the verifications.

Ricardo Sheffield said that in the next verifications there will also be elements of the security forces because “it is not if they want to be verified, they are obliged to verify,” he said.

As for the companies that sell more expensive and cheaper, this week the gas station that presents the lowest price is Osran, with 19.15 pesos; in contrast, Chevron is the most expensive gasoline seller, reaching 21.38 pesos.

As for diesel, the average sale price is 21.38, with Osran the cheapest with 20.81 pesos and Chevron the most expensive with 22.17 pesos.

There were significant efforts by Shell and Exxon Mobil to improve their differential and it is being reflected, “and although Shell has a high margin, its price is” very acceptable (19.83 pesos), which means they have efficiencies. “

And while he pointed out that there were not very strong variations in the national averages and in the more expensive and economic gas stations, “there is a variation in the brands that can be seen in the four presentations that have been made and there has been movement”.

On the other hand, it was reported that starting next Monday, the monitoring of “Who is who in fuel prices” will also present the prices at which gas is sold throughout the country, said López Obrador.

He also explained that this week will finish the model to establish the analysis of gas prices, which also varies according to the market.

Source: noticiastecoman

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