Mazatlan: Tourist corridor between the port, El Rosario, Escuinapa and Concordia


The Secretary of Economic Development of Mazatlan, David González Torrentera, insisted on the importance of creating a tourist and economic corridor between the port, El Rosario, Escuinapa and Concordia, starting in the magical town of La Noria. Even, there is already consensus with the populations of these municipalities through Citizen Committees, because the work of the municipalities is to make things easier.

It is a matter, he said, that these Committees form their own economic and service structures in the communities; the municipalities support, as well as the other instances of service providers, such as tour operators, cruise passengers so that when a boat arrives, they make visits to those towns such as La Noria and El Recodo to cite communities in Mazatlan.

Interviewed at the end of a press conference to publicize the “Puro Sinaloa” Day of this Saturday in Mazatlan, the municipal official already asked about public safety in the towns to be visited by tourists, said that this is why the head of public safety in Mazatlan to ensure better strategies and not leave gaps in the matter. “Today Mazatlan and the rural area is very quiet,” he said.

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He announced that the program of the tourist corridor is about to start and fine-tuning details, such as responsible personnel in charge and the Internet application for tourists in particular that seek to know these magical places.

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González Torrentera even referred to the fair of regional products in the Plaza de la República, a few weeks ago, with a “great success” and that these and other programs can thrive and help the economy of the southern region of the state. This is a fair that came to stay, he added.


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