Mazatlan Holiday clubs improve their service before next season


Faced with the complaints made in Profeco for irregularities in these centers of lodging and recreation

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Improving customer service and the units that are rented in holiday seasons, are the strategies that are complying with the complaints that came to Profeco from various lodging and rental timeshares during the holiday season, reported Fernando Alanís Cárdenas.

“If we had some complaints now in season, there were not many to say, but it is a wake-up call as a yellow focus for what is coming, but I think, I think we’re doing well.”

The president of the Association of Vacation Clubs of Sinaloa said that for a couple of years, Mazatlan no longer has a shortage in the demand for accommodation or rent space, because there has been an important development of condominiums in the port.

However, there must be a balance so that they do not exceed the offer, after new platforms have been introduced, which offer economic accommodation to travelers.

He pointed out that they do not generate a problem for him, as long as they are regularized like all the other consortiums destined to receive tourists.

Source: linea directa

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