18 fines issued for using a cell phone while driving in Los Cabos; they will pay 8,400 pesos each


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS ). Since May 1, fines have been applied to those who drive using electronic devices in the municipality of Los Cabos, warned the Director of Public Safety, Preventive Police and Municipal Transit, Juan Jose Zamorano, ensuring that so far there are about 18 violations. applied.

“We have approximately 18 to 20 infractions, which began to apply last weekend and, well our intention is not that we have these fines, the intention is that they are not used,” he said in an interview with Al Cabo Noticias .

In this regard, explained that transit agents are instructed to be watching and, if detected and have evidence that they take with cameras that are being provided or even with their phones, where it is observed that a motorist is using the phone, then apply the infraction.

In this regard, the municipal official stressed that they are monitoring 3 main regulations, which are the use of the belt, that the units have insurance for damages to third parties and the use of cell phones.

“We are carrying out surveillance to comply with the reforms that were made to the Transit regulations. In particular there are 3, which is the use of the safety belt; the other is the obligatory nature of an insurance to damages to third parties and, of course, the one that has generated most expectation are the fines to limit and punish the use of cell phones while driving, “he added.

Finally, Juan José Zamorano indicated that the dependence on his charge is carrying out information campaigns both for the citizens of Los Cabos , as well as for the tourists who visit the destination, in order to avoid incurring in a lack of the Traffic Regulation.

According to the update, whoever makes use of the cell phone or electronic devices while driving will be liable to a fine of approximately 8,400 pesos. 

Source: cabi mil, bcsnoticias

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