The gastronomy of Durango will be promoted nationwide


It is a 100% typical menu that consists of 11 dishes and will be offered in more than 200 Sanborns restaurants and will help promote the state.

Durango will be promoted nationwide in the more than 200 restaurants of Sanborns which will be offering eleven typical dishes to its customers, in order to highlight the state and its gastronomy.

The Secretary of Tourism of Durango, Eleazar Gamboa, made the official presentation coordinated with the presence of the governor José R. Aispuro and the area manager of the restaurant chain José Antonio Anaya.

Eleazar insisted that this will help the region be positioned in the consumption of visitors.

“Actions that are important to place Durango in the minds of tourists and these alliances open up this opportunity,” he said.

The chain of Sanborns began with a strong promotion of this cuisine on May 1 and the official presentation at the national level will be held in the Plaza Loreto in Mexico City, where local merchants, artistic groups and others will be presented throughout the month of May.

For his part, Antonio Anaya explained that May is very important because it is when there is a greater volume of customers in each of its branches, therefore, the Festival of Gastronomy of Durango, will have a strong and very positive opening.

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The dishes that will be offered for breakfast are lost egg, entomatadas of cheese and grilled cheese with rajas. For lunch they will have red roast, broad chili stuffed with cheese, chicken in mole de analco, patoles (white beans with chorizo) and caldillo duranguense

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, while for dinner they will have tacos “encuerados”, gorditas and tacos de discada. All accompanied with a dessert of ate with cheese and water of pinole.

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