Tacos de Buche “Rafa”, the Best Culiacan style tacos in Mazatlan


Tacos de Buche “Rafa” is not only the best but the only ones in Mazatlan in the Culiacan style, presumes Don Rafael, a man in his fifties, who has about 25 years of giving Mazatlecos something to talk about

His business, for 9 years, is located at the corner of Santa Rosa Avenue and “Luis Donaldo Colosio” highway, in front of Soriana, accompanied by a team of young people, among women and young Juan, 16, but He is already a “taquero”, although Don Rafa says his nephew must study a professional career.

The “Oldman” speaks of quality in the meat, the flavor, the softness, and texture, while the tortilla is thin and hot; the BUCHE is the stomach of the pig; There are also tacos of cuajo “rennet” and tripas “pork tripe”. Everything, very well cooked, make Don Rafa’s tacos the best and tastiest in the city.

He said that the taco de buche is served with the meat well cooked, fried, but not golden because it gets leathery. Don Rafa emphasizes that the sauces give the taco de Kick and there are from very spicy to “moderate”, from chile de árbol, jalapeño to habanero; all sauces have their house secret, he emphasizes.

Don Rafa confessed that there are no tacos deliveries, but you can order and pick up in the establishment.

According to Don Rafa, Juan, the nephew is a taquero and manages the machete to cut the meat like a professional with style. He feels very proud of being a team and the best satisfaction is that the diners are happy with the service.

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