Mazatlan ghost hunters find more than they bargained for at local cemetery


They say that if something should not be disturbed it is to those who rest in peace, that is, to the dead who are in the cemetery. 
A group of lovers of what is unnatural and who created a page on that subject went to record and take nightly photographs of a Mazatlan cemetery they broadcast live and when they reviewed the recording they had a shocking surprise.

They arrived around 01:00 in the morning: they were men and women. They entered and during fifteen minutes, with fear of the darkness of the place, but finally, they walked among the tombs of the colony Genaro Estrada, or of the Conchi. 

In the tour, they made use of a lamp so that the video was clear and the photographs they took came out clean.

Everything finished with tranquility. However, in the review of the material, they found that at minute 12:06, when they point the phone to the left side, a figure appears behind a construction; I could only see two or three seconds because they move the equipment and the transmitter seemed not to have detected it. 
The video was shared and the one who transmitted it only says he thought he saw something, although he also mentioned that it could be his imagination.

But the image of a person is very clear and according to their version, it was not evil

Source: rasnoticias

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