Mazatlan: Massage chair fails and rips off minors hair


Minor almost scalped, after being trapped in a massage chair at a shopping mall in Mazatlan. 

The incident was reported during in the afternoon when Jimena put a coin in the massage chair located in the mall, only that at the moment the massage chair turned on mechanism broke and caught her hair. 

According to information from emergency personnel that came, to help, they could not prevent massage chair from tearing off an area of ​​approximately eight by three centimeters.

The paramedics who responded to call took her to a private hospital for medical attention, with her mother Beatriz, she did not know if the shopping center would cover the expenses.

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The accident caused that also inspectors of Officialía Mayor of the City council were mobilized, who proceeded to suspend the operation of the armchairs.

Source: rasnoticias

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