Mexico Has Plans to Legalize Marijuana by October 2019


The neighbor to the south will be legalizing marijuana this year, making the United States the only country in North America without nationwide recreational marijuana legalization. Canada legalized adult-use marijuana last year, and Mexico now has plans to legalize by October 2019.

Since 2015, there have been five Mexico Supreme Court rulings stating that the ban on recreational marijuana in the country is unconstitutional, The Motley Fool reports. Now, the Mexico Senate needs to work on implementing what the court has already set in motion.

The legislative process is a little different in Mexico. They have a summer session that starts on May 1 and ends August 31. During this year’s session, lawmakers will spend time working on creating appropriate legislation to make recreational cannabis use legal.

It’s estimated that Mexico’s legal marijuana market could far exceed that of Canada.

Informal polling in Mexico found that approximately 80% of Mexicans favor marijuana legalization.

Source: azmarijuana

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