There will be Mounted Police in Mazatlan


In the framework of the ordinary session of Municipal Council today, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres managed to get the councilors to approve a point of agreement to create the Directorate of Roads and the Mounted Police, as another strategy to give more security to the municipality in the urban and rural area.

Later, in the interview, he confirmed the need for the Ministry of Public Security to store its functions and programs and the Directorate of Roads and Mounted Police its own, but with the common objective of providing greater security and vigilance for the benefit of the population.

He said that there are places in Mazatlan that can not be reached via “racer” or motorcycles and for this there will be a special body of horse. In the questions clarified that the resources for this new address will be typical of the savings of the City Council.

Before the insistence of reporters, reiterated that in fuel this year will have a saving of about 50 million pesos.

In other questions, said that there will be more control of units serving the municipality to avoid excesses of employees or workers, such as a Jumapan employee who was surprised driving drunk and passing the stops in the streets. He said that GPS could be placed and the cars used only during work hours.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post