Mexican Daniela Soto-Innes is the best chef in the world


The prestigious list The Wold’s 50 Best Restaurants highlighted the work of the Mexican, who is also the youngest woman to obtain recognition

Daniela Soto Innes best female chef in the world

A new recognition for Mexican gastronomy comes through the chef Daniela Soto-Innes. The Mexican cook has been named the best female chef in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The prestigious list recognized the work that the Mexican performs in Cosme y Alta, two restaurants in New York.

Only 28 years old, the native of Mexico City is now the youngest chef to receive this recognition. Since the beginning of her career, the chef has rescued the traditional flavors of our country to conquer the demanding palate of the diners in the restaurants where she collaborates.

The figure of Daniela Soto-Innes represents a fresh vision of world cuisine, which drives the female figure proudly Mexican, as well as being committed to migrants when opening the doors of their kitchen.

Happy of the recognition, Daniela thanked Cosme’s team, her family, Mexico and especially “the chingonas women and the men who support them,” she said in an Instagram account post.

The perfect couple

Daniela Soto Innes best chef woman

After living many years in the United States, Daniela returned to Mexico to be part of Pujol, where she met Enrique Olvera who would become his companion in adventures, opening, years later, the Cosme and Atla restaurants.

It is from these restaurants where the chef has managed to make history achieving several awards from its openings, extolling the Mexican heritage through its cuisine.

The passion for food has been the vision that has made this unique match with the Best Chef of Mexico. In the coming months, both will open two new restaurants in the city of Los Angeles, representing the new conquest of Mexican cuisine in the United States.

Source: Forbes

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