Hoteliers cry about an unfair competition of condominiums and houses in Mazatlan


José Ramón Manguart Sánchez asks that there be equality in the payment of taxes, since these hosting sites benefit by providing a service in an irregular manner

Mazatlan, Sin.- During the last 10 years, the hotel sector in Mazatlan has requested that condominiums and rental houses be registered to pay taxes to be fair in terms of the competition is that everyone has the same commitments operatives, reproached José Ramón Manguart Sánchez.

The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels Three Islands in Mazatlan said that this situation does affect them, and not because it is a competition issue, but must be regularized, since it is an informal promotion that offers a lodging service in which are benefiting irregularly. 

“This is already a national issue, it is a sensitive issue, here is that somehow formalize the existing because it is very evident where there is a way to operate in an informal and illegal way that everyone has the same operational commitments, formal employment “

Manguart Sanchez said that thousands of tourists prepared in advance to arrive at the port and live the experience of the legendary Moto Week, since the hotel sector has so far reached 90 percent levels in occupancy of rooms.   T

“As every year it has been loyal to the destination, they have been loyal to the Motorcycle Week event, for which it is Thursday through Sunday and we must walk in levels of 85 to 90 percent of reservations that we are definitely going to be full. “

The entrepreneur trusts to reach the occupancy of 100 percent, this massive event that takes place year after year attracts thousands of visitors, for that reason hotels are managed with accessible rates, so as not to affect the economy of the visitor. 

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