Piñatas of movie characters disappear from Mazatlan


Due to the operations of the Attorney General’s Office to avoid piracy, shops can only offer piñatas with simple figures

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After the various operations by the Attorney General’s Office to prevent the sale of Disney-branded items that do not have a license, the candy stores in the downtown area look desolate without the color that gave them these figures

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And is that if you want to make a party for your child with one of these characters, you will have to settle for a piñata in the form of a castle, round, square or the traditional seven peaks, because they are the only ones that are selling.

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“It affected us a lot because we arrived looking for a piñata for the party of my son and I am going away knowing that no, that they can not sell superheroes because it is illegal and they can even close the business”, said a mother.

The operatives of the PGR have focused mainly on the first square of the city, but it is not ruled out that it could advance to the Benito Juarez neighborhood.

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