Invasion of Chinese honey, made of chemicals, affects Veracruz beekeepers


Antioco Tadeo Cruz, producer of honey, regretted that in the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto have allowed the introduction of adulterated honey to the country

Dozens of beekeepers in southern Veracruz are affected by the introduction of chemicals from China that are sold as honey, said Melipona bee honey producer, Antioco Tadeo Cruz.

He regretted that in the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto they have allowed the introduction of adulterated honey made with chemicals to be sold at a low price in the streets and be consumed by thousands of people.

He explained that in the case of the south of the entity, mainly in the municipalities of Acayucan, San Juan Evangelista, Jesus Carranza and Sayula de Alemán, they produce and sell virgin honey.

He acknowledged that the sales made in Acayucan and Cosoleacaque have fallen by the entry of honey from the Asian continent and that they sell it up to eight times cheaper.

Between this product that is not regulated by any authority and the pure honey of honey melipona there is a big difference because when diluted with water and a little alcohol the chemical reacts provoking foam, while the honey, does not make any reaction.

The pure honey that is sold must be labeled, it has a market price of up to 1,300 pesos per liter , while the honey produced by sting bees, called apís melífera, is worth 150 pesos.

The producer asked the public that at the time of acquiring honey ask the seller where it comes from and observes it carefully so as not to fall into its traps. 
Tadeo Cruz, confided that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador solve this problem that already affects all beekeepers in the country and that no health, field or environmental authority does anything to stop the trade of chemical products that sell it for honey to a very cheap price.

A single hive takes up to a year to produce a liter of honey.

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