Sinaloa: The Playas Limpias program has positive results, withdraws more than a thousand tons of trash


SEDESU recognizes the participation of the Sinaloa DIF System, the City Councils, and the citizenship to remove 1,156 tons of solid waste at 18 beaches in the state of Culiacán, Sinaloa on April 21, 2019.

The Playas Limpias, Zero Trash program positive results during the days of greatest tourist influx in 18 beaches of Sinaloa, where thanks to the participation of more than a thousand volunteers, socially responsible companies, DIF System, state and municipal authorities collected 1156 tons of solid waste in these recreation centers.

Carlos Gandarilla García, Secretary of Sustainable Development, said that in these actions implemented from April 18 to 20 had a very prominent participation Mrs. Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, president of DIF Sinaloa, who took the tour of the beaches with Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to call on families to join the efforts of the 44 brigades for the conservation of the most visited coastal areas during Holy Week 2019. 

“We recognize the citizens who decided to enjoy their vacations and who took on the challenge of giving a suitable destination to the garbage that they generated. We will continue with actions from the Playas Limpias program with the vision of Governor Quirino Ordaz to consolidate Sinaloa as a national leader in certified beaches, “he said.

The head of SEDESU acknowledged the excellent work of the municipal governments through their Public Services areas for the correct disposal of garbage collected at El Maviri, Las Glorias, Bellavista, Costa Azul, Medano Blanco, Altata, El Tambor beaches. Ponce, Ceuta, Celestino Gasca, Piaxtla Bars, Las Labradas, Seagulls, Los Pinitos, Caimanero, Teacapán, Las Lupitas and La Tambora. 

Carlos Gandarilla indicated that the challenge to the future is to promote environmental education and generate greater awareness in the population of the importance of preserving the natural wealth of our state.

It should be noted that this year there was a presence in the 18 busiest beach destinations for tourists, unlike in 2018, where only 8 municipalities were collaborated in 15 beaches in 22 brigades that collected 814 tons. 848 containers for garbage were installed and 32 collection trucks were available from the municipalities.

Source: rasnoticias

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