Mexico Mayors rebel against payment for National Guard


Mayors rebelled and warn the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador that “the municipalities do not have resources to contribute to the National Guard, so the federal authority will have to answer: where will you get the resources for the 50 thousand new elements “, Explained the president of the National Association of Mayors (ANAC), Enrique Vargas del Villar.

In an interview with El Sol de México, Vargas affirmed that the state and municipal police added more than 320,000 elements and proposed to continue with the Mexican Army, as is now, as they leave the streets, as President López Obrador promised, although He pointed out that now it seems that the opposite will happen.

Inclusive, added the mayor of Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, although the ANAC is an association that groups more than 400 municipalities, the two thousand 400 municipalities throughout the Mexican Republic, “we are all in the same logic: that there will be no resources to contribute to the National Guard “.

The initiative of Law of the National Guard, which was sent by the Executive to the Senate of the Republic, states in its article 96, that “the federated entities and the municipalities that receive the collaboration of the National Guard, will contribute proportionally, with a charge to their budgets, the economic, human and material resources necessary to partially defray the operating costs of the National Guard personnel assigned to such collaboration. “

In that sense, Mayor Enrique Vargas called an “occurrence more than municipalities and states have to cooperate.

“No municipality is in a position to contribute to the National Guard, apart from its municipal police. You have to do a real review of the issue, “he recommended.

“Now the question is, if we do not contribute, will there not be a National Guard in the states and the municipalities? Is nothing else going to be for the states that set up and without any state and without any municipality? Then there will be no guard national? “, reflected the mayor.

He explained that there are many poor municipalities and do not have as many resources and that is where it is most needed to “strengthen security”; there are many municipalities where they do not have police and that is where they have to be reinforced more, he insisted.

Mayor Vargas del Villar proposed that work tables be set up both in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, regarding what concerns the municipalities, especially this issue that is important, the issue of which we have to provide resources, ended.

Source: el sol de mexico

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