Airlines bet on direct flights Guadalajara – Europe

Guadalajara Jalisco.

National and international airlines seek to reduce waiting times, cut connections and therefore, one of the intentions is to create direct flights that depart from the International Airport of Guadalajara with European destinations , as announced by the Secretary of Tourism, Germán Ralis Completed.

“The Madrid theme of the Guadalajara-Europe direct flight is working with different schemes, with different proposals, not necessarily Madrid, Paris or even Germany, that would depend on each airline and the possibilities that could be generated,” he said.

For the owner of the tourism agency, airlines are betting on Guadalajara because of the need for expansion that exists in the country, since the Mexico City Airport is saturated.

“They are turning to see the airlines to Guadalajara as a possible important air hub, that is, an air interconnection center, because geographically Guadalajara has taken relevance and under the circumstances that are being experienced at the national level, in the capital, they will obviously have to look for more creative schemes , “he explained.

He stressed that at the national level the Guadalajara International Airport is the first place as a cargo airport , however, the expansion in direct flights would greatly benefit the state.

Ralis Cumplido recalled that Jalisco has an important air connection with different cities and very often that can benefit the citizenship and highlighted the flight to Pachuca that initially thought it would have one run per week and now performs a daily.

He said that currently there is a potential market of around 25 million people from states like Guanajuato, Michoacán, Zacatecas, Querétaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí that could benefit from direct flights from Jalisco, and not have to go to Mexico City to make them.

The official commented that this type of direct connection with Europe would be beneficial for both parties, as also people from Europe could travel without so many scales to our state, which year after year attracts different types of tourism ranging from business, medical , cultural, religious, sports and recreational.

He reported that 5 million international tourists arrive in Jalisco annually, which also means that they make many stops to visit the state, therefore, the smaller the number of stopovers, the more tourists visiting Jalisco could increase.

Trust in this year when the creation of these hotlines with European countries is completed.

Source: udgtv

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